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To ensure the ownership and input of young people in the project, their active involvement is prioritized in both the development and implementation stages. Workshops and meetings create space for young people to contribute their ideas and wishes, actively seeking their input. Additionally, young people play a role in organizing workshops and activities, allowing them to engage in detailed planning and participate in the activities.
  • Youth Committee
To further promote youth participation and ensure the project meets their needs and desires, we are establishing a youth committee. Composed of young individuals from the project's target group, this committee will provide valuable insights and act as a sounding board for the project leader and partners involved. Regular meetings will take place where the committee can discuss the project's progress and provide input for its further development.

This approach emphasizes conscious consumerism, recognizing the urgent need to address unsustainable rates of consumption that strain our planet's resources. By actively involving the youth and empowering them to have control over their lives, the project aims to address relevant issues and achieve meaningful outcomes. Inclusiveness is also a key principle, ensuring that all young individuals have the opportunity to participate.
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