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Our events provided encompass a wide range of creative outlets including T-shirt and hoodie design, personalizing sneakers, capturing breathtaking photographs, embracing adversity with creativity, and honing musical talents. Each of these events contributes to the exploration and advancement of art and culture, fostering a profound connection within young individuals. Moreover, the active involvement of these youths further enriches the workshops by incorporating their valuable input. Our youth committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the programs align with the desires and necessities of the younger generation.To ensure inclusivity, we offer these workshops completely free of charge. Our goal is to break down any financial barriers that may hinder young people from engaging in the arts and cultural activities we provide. We firmly believe that economic limitations should never impede the involvement of youths in the world of art and culture. By eliminating this obstacle, we strive to make it easier for young individuals to participate and reap the benefits of the opportunities and experiences our project offers.

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