CLRS Studio

CLRS Studio is a versatile company whose core values ​​are uniting, creating and innovating. CLRS, short for "Colors", symbolize all colors, embracing the power of inclusivity, diversity and cultural richness. The concept of CLRS is that each color is unique, but together they form a beautiful colorful mix. In the Colors Culture Connect projects, this concept is translated into a dynamic and vibrant environment where young people from different ethnicities and diverse backgrounds come together to express, create, and connect. With two connecting locations on the Waldorpstraat in The Hague, Hollands Spoor, we offer the ideal space for organizing local small-scale vibrant events and activities. Our hair studio, where it all started still innovates in the field of modern contemporary hair styles. In our sneaker and clothing concept store 3H you will find an extensive collection of exclusive sneakers and clothing, including our own capsule collection inspired by contemporary street culture that symbolize our core values. This collection is designed and put together by local artists and designers with different interests and backgrounds. With the aim of creating something beautiful together.

As a recognized training company of SBB, we have extensive experience in coaching and guiding young people in their development and we invest in the development of young talent. We look forward to realizing this project with your support and making an impact in the community.

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